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Learning Guitar: Ways to Improve Your Playing

If you're looking to take your guitar playing to the next level, you've come to the right place. This article will detail the steps you need to take to develop your skills. Read on to find out more.

Record your playing

It has never been easier to record yourself playing your instrument. Most mobile phones now have some form of recording app built into them. Many operating systems also have in-built recording software. Recording yourself when you practice on the guitar allows you to listen back so you can hear the mistakes you are making and the areas you need to work on.

Set some short and long-term goals

No one is able to learn the guitar overnight. Mastering this instrument will take a very long time so consider setting some long and short term goals. In the short term, you may aim to learn a new chord by the end of the week or learn a scale by the end of the month. Longer-term goals may be something like jamming with friends or performing live. By setting these goals, you can carefully measure your progress as you learn the guitar. Meeting short term goals will encourage you to carry on learning. Longer-term goals will give you something bigger to focus on which will act as an engine driving you on to meet your shorter-term objectives.

Structure your practice time

You won't get better at playing the guitar if you don't structure your practice time. A well-structured short practice session which focuses on a particular skill is infinitely more useful than spending hours aimlessly messing around on your instrument. Create a timetable during which you will focus on a particular skill such as strumming, fingerpicking or chord fingering. Setting a timer on a clock is a good way of ensuring that you spend enough time on each particular skill set.

Attend guitar lessons

Learning guitar solo can be difficult. If during your practice you pick up bad habits and there is no one there to correct you, you may spend many hours integrating bad techniques into your playing. A tutor can mentor you, teach you the correct way of playing the instrument and correct any mistakes you are making early on.

If you're interested in finding out more about how to master the guitar, you should get in touch with a local music education centre that provides guitar lessons. A music teacher will be happy to help you.

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